You feel that they have everything, so you question yourself on what to buy. After going to your department store's china and glass department, you come across a small porcelain clown that is a snowman with a little girl cleaning its face. This one is called Winter Whimsey. Then you see another one that is a ballerina. This one is called Rose Ballet. Or, a girl with windswept hair, tiny flowers that she is holding and a small bird perching beside her. This one is called Summer Serenade. And, so many others that are known as classic Lladro. The classic Lladro means that the colors are usually gray, white and light brown and many times in a sweeping stance. The company also has newer lines, one that is called Re Deco. The pieces are designed with platinum.

Lladro Figurine ZODIAC HOROSCOPE COLLECTION CANCER #6224 Retired MintLladro Figurine ZODIAC HOROSCOPE COLLECTION ARIES THE RAM #6221 Retired Mint BoxLladro GEMINI "The Twins" Chinese Zodiac Horoscope Collection 6219 Mint FigurineLladro Horoscope Series "Capricorn" Zodiac Sign Retired Figurine #6222Lladro 6222 CAPRICORN zodiac horoscope, issued 1995, retired 1998 - 9 inchesLladro 6092 The Prince, issued 1993, retired 1998 - 10-3/4 inchesLladro Scorpio 6225 Porcelain Zodiac / Horoscope Figure Retired (Damaged)Lladro The Dragon Chinese Zodiac Collection 6715 Figurine Gloss Finish PorcelainLladro Gemini the Twins Chinese Zodiac Horoscope Collection 6219 10" No Box Lladro zodiac series with The Dog brandbox Elegant Formal Luxury Spain JapanLladro zodiac horse figurine Elegant Graceful Formal Luxury Spain JapanLLADRO Limited 1888 Body Zodiac Snake Green Figurine Japan Not Released UsedLladro 9" Zodiac Figure Capricornus #6222 Glossy Glaze Young Astrologer; MintLladro The Snake 01006780 Porcelain Figurine | The Chinese Zodiac CollectionOUTSTANDING LLADRO #8369 " THE OX " CHINESE ZODIAC EXCELLENT/MINT w/ORIGINAL BOXLladro Porcelain Figurine Zodiac Horoscope CANCER 6224Lladro #66 8369 Cow Zodiac Series OxLladro #189 Zodiac Series The Dog BrandedLladro Zodiac Collection Purple DOG Box & Stand 1888 Limited MINT RARE FigurineLLADRO The Dog 09119 Zodiac Collection 2018 Spain Figurine Ceramic Object NEWLLADRO zodiac horse figurineLladro #319 Dog Xu ZodiacLladro #55 World 1888 Body Chinese Zodiac Collection Chen